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Manga Pictures

Hi, I just found this community, even though I've been into the series since it started showing. ^^; Anyways, just wanted to say hi as well as share some pictures I took of the Japanese manga. (I took pictures in order to show my friends on LJ, so I thought I might cross-post them here as well.)

Under the cut:
-volume 1-4 together
-single shots of each volume
-close ups on volume 1, 2, and 4
-shot of the color insert of volume 4

I'm sad there isn't more art out there for this series. T^T

Here you go~!Collapse )

Also, I found the link for J-ta Yamada's (山田J太) website "natural highs":

"Who I Am, I Am" Asatte no Houkou AMV

It took around a day for Youtube to verify the AMV. >_<;

But nevertheless I am glad that Youtube didn't kill the quality of the video.

Anyway, back on topic. The Youtube-hosted video you see above is an anime music video featuring Asatte no Houkou made by none other than yours truly. Being a loyal fan of Michael Wong, I have used a song from his latest album, a Chinese song, "I Am Who I Am". Not-so-obvious spoilers lurk, but it won't hurt those who fear of being spoiled. At least I had not included in any dialogs from the anime so you'll not know what'd happened.

Well, that's it. If you are already reading this, why not spend some time watching the AMV? I would be glad if you would leave a comment. I shall upload the AMV to soon enough after I finish my exams. By then, you're free to download the AMV as well. ;)

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Manga #1

Well, hello again! My order for the 2 volumes of manga currently released (in Chinese) finally arrived and I've just finished reading the first book. It's really interesting to see the differences between the manga and the anime. I think both make for potentially interesting future developments.

Some major differences (spoilers!)Collapse )

Next time I'll probably post a brief summary of what's happened in the manga so far, and maybe in the future I'll translate the manga if I have time!
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Spring 2006 Masamune

Well, this is probably pretty old news by now but for anyone who doesn't know, Asatte appeared on the cover of Masaune, Spring 2006 edition. They don't look half bad on the cover, do they? I think Karada looks especially cute.

Anyway, I ordered the 2 volumes of manga out so far (it's so unpopular that Kino doesn't even stock it! :\ hope that'll change now) but since it'll take about a month to arrive I poked through Masamune to get an idea of the drawings. Hiro looks quite different! He actually has EYES, gasp. As in, none of the hair-covering-face-thing which is really rather irritating (at least give him ONE eye can?) Interestingly enough, the girls look about the same as in the anime, but the guys look significantly less good-looking, imo. And I really liked Tetsumasa!

Which reminds me of another question I've been pondering. How old are Karada and Tetsumasa? Does anyone know? I was astounded to find out they're the same age. Karada looks like she can't be more than 10, whereas Tetsumasa looks like he is at least in high school. o_0
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First Post!

For lack of anything more creative to say, welcome to the Asatte no Houkou LJ-community! :D And for a lack of anything at all to say, why not let's start with a general question? I'm assuming a good deal of any current interest in Asatte would be due to the ongoing anime series, so...

Why do you like/dislike the anime? though I'm assuming if you're here, you probably like it. My thoughts can be found on the anime section of the community's profile. Are you guys with me on my opinion?

Well, other than that, I'll probably try to get my hands on the manga and be back to review it. Till then, hello to any new members and here's wishing Asatte continues to be as good as its first few episodes!